Russia has developed an “anti-Sniper”

By | September 3, 2020
Russia has developed an

Snipers are one of the most formidable assets of any modern army. They are able to suddenly strike where no one else can. How to resist experienced shooters who have the most modern weapons with the best optics? Russia has found a solution to this issue. According to Schwabe, it is implemented in a unique development of SOSNA-N, which allows to “blind” the optics of snipers and observers.

The principle of its work is based on a special narrowly focused infrared laser scanner. It scans the area and is able to detect optical instruments of snipers and observers within a radius of 2500 meters from the installation site. The device can interfere with laser radiation. As a result, the work of the sniper will be almost impossible – he will not be able to take a normal aim.

The device can be useful in the fight against gunners and artillery correctors, who also use optics. Another area of application of the new development can be security activities when you need to protect from sniper shooting individuals or the territory of objects. The novelty was presented at the “Army 2020” forum and caused genuine interest.

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