Russia has expanded the list of EU citizens banned from entry

By | September 23, 2020
Russia has expanded the list of EU citizens banned from entry

In Moscow, will expand the “blacklist” of banned citizens of the European Union, this step is dictated by the confrontational line of Brussels, according to the official website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“Recently, the European Union has noted a number of unfriendly steps towards our country and Russian citizens. Acting as before, bypassing existing international norms, the EU continues to expand its sanctions tools and use it under far-fetched, sometimes absurd pretext. The EU has repeatedly warned about the harmfulness of this approach, but the EU ignores our proposals to conduct a substantive professional dialogue based on facts and still chooses the language of sanctions,” the report says.
It is emphasized that in response to the EU actions, the Russian side has decided to expand the response list of representatives of member states and EU institutions, which are banned to enter the territory of Russia.

“The number of participants in the Russian list is brought to parity with the existing list of the EU,” – said the site.
It is added that the restrictions were introduced in accordance with the federal law on the procedure for leaving and entering the Russian Federation of August 15, 1996.