Russia inflicted airstrikes on Idlib in Syria

By | June 3, 2020
Russia inflicted airstrikes on Idlib in Syria

Attacks on the Idlib province by the Russian military were recorded for the first time since March.
In Syria, for the first time since March, airstrikes by Russian military aircraft were recorded. This was reported by the Associated Press on Wednesday, June 3.

According to a Syrian human rights monitoring center, Russian military aircraft attacked areas south of Idlib province late on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. No information was provided on the victims.

At the same time, an activist from Idlib Taher al-Omar said that Russian military aircraft caused serious damage. He also did not report injured or dead.

In turn, another activist from Idlib, Hadi Abdullah, said that on Wednesday attacks were hit on a mountainous region in Latakia province, on the outskirts of Idlib, and on a power plant on the northern outskirts of Hama province.

According to activists, in recent days, both Turkey and the government in Damascus have been sending reinforcements to northwestern Syria. In recent weeks, a local ceasefire has also been repeatedly violated.

On Wednesday, March 11, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced single violations of the ceasefire in Idlib, which he agreed with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Now, although small, ceasefire violations are taking place. We are reporting this to Russia and want the necessary measures to be taken,” he said.

As you know, the agreements reached on Idlib also imply the creation of a safety corridor 6 km wide around the M4 highway. Also, on March 15, joint Russian-Turkish patrols began work.

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