Russia is outraged: Poland will pay for its pro-American behavior

By | May 27, 2020
Russia is outraged: Poland will pay for its pro-American behavior

Poland has already become an important tool that is actively used by the US in the confrontation with Russia, said a Chinese Internet user. And now the States want help with it, even more, intimidating Russia. But Poland will have to pay a high price for such a Pro-American behavior, said the author.
Poland was one of the participants of the Warsaw Treaty Organization led by the former Soviet Union, and after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, she began to act recklessly, actively trying to get into the Western camp. To gain favor with the United States, the current Polish diplomatic and military strategy aimed against Russia. Poland has already become the most important strategic tool which is used by the US in the confrontation with Russia.

To please America, Poland deliberately provoked Russia, going to extreme measures, forcing the irate Moscow, “draw your sword”. According to the latest news Taihainet, the Minister of defense of Russia Sergey Shoigu recently announced that Russian troops are preparing military exercises of the Baltic Fleet and the 6th combined arms army. Reportedly, this step is associated with the joint exercises of NATO “Allied spirit”, scheduled in June.
Currently, Russia is seriously affected by the epidemic, a new coronavirus, and it is quite clear that large-scale military exercises in the near future will not help in the prevention and control of epidemic outbreaks in the country. However, faced with the provocation of us and Polish troops that deploy to the exercises at the borders, the polar bear is not going to be a naughty bear, and so he would have to retaliate against its neighbor.

It is not surprising that Russia is ready to take the risk and take response measures, because the United States recently announced that it would send four thousand troops to participate in joint c of the Polish army military exercises in the border with Russia regions. In addition, America is also planning plans to use the military exercises as an opportunity to resume a series of joint military exercises of NATO Defender of Europe 2020, which was suspended due to the outbreak of the epidemic.
Currently, the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia in the United States and Europe have still not taken full control, and the United States obviously can not sit still. To create a climate of tension in Europe, the focus of the attention of the local population skillfully shifted. Despite the risk of infecting the troops with coronavirus, the United States wants to resume a series of joint military exercises in Europe. In the new round of us military provocations against Russia, Poland assigned a more active role, weird henchman, in comparison with other European countries.

Besides the fact that Poland became the first country in Europe to resume military exercises with the United States, it is also preparing to make nuclear weapons that will take out America from Germany. Reportedly, she can move tactical nuclear weapons from Germany to Poland. U.S. Ambassador to Poland recently said that if Germany wants to reduce the nuclear potential of NATO and weaken the Alliance, the United States can simply deploy nuclear weapons in Poland.
It is necessary to take into account the fact that the Polish authorities had earlier provided the land and a Fund of two billion dollars, begging us military to stay in Poland, it would mean as if the military artillery the US put placed their weapons at the Russian border. The actions of Poland has aggravated already tense relations with Russia. Now she was again ready to place the American American nuclear weapons, which will undoubtedly provide Russia an even greater threat.

Therefore, the Russian defense Minister Shoigu recently warned that the “Western strategic direction remains the most endangered for the military security of the Russian Federation, so Russia needs to address these emerging threats.” In addition, Russian military experts also said that modern Russian missiles “Iskander” and “Caliber”, will be actively involved in the military exercises of the Russian army. If war breaks out, nuclear weapons deployed by the United States in Poland will be destroyed first.
Obviously, now, when to start joint military drills with Poland and the United States, the Russian military exercises will take place as scheduled. By the time Poland will become the main battlefield, which will unfold a military confrontation between two great powers — the USA and Russia. As a result, it will have a strong negative impact on the security and economic development of Poland, and she will pay a very high price for her extremely Pro-American behavior.

But this is only the beginning. As soon as Poland will take us nuclear weapons removed from Germany, it will force Russia to feel more of the nuclear threat from the United States. In response, Moscow will have to place equivalent nuclear forces close to the border with Poland. It’s as if Poland turned out to be entirely in an atmosphere of terror and fear caused by a nuclear confrontation between Russia and America.
As a neighbor of Russia, Poland is also quite seriously affected by the epidemic, and today it is diagnosed with more than 20 thousand cases of infection. The government of Warsaw did not want to unite with Russia in the fight against the epidemic even though it would benefit his people. Instead, it still follows the United States in confronting Russia and seems to have lost all sanity. It goes without saying that this behavior has a serious impact on the future security situation in Poland and the current internal measures to combat the epidemic.

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