“Russia is resuscitating anti-American nuclear trains” – Chinese media

The Cold War forced the USSR and NATO to always prepare for the worst. Because of the obsession with the imminent apocalypse, the best engineers created a unique and powerful weapon. One such idea turned out to be “ghost trains.” On the surface of no more than a train, the Transport in the case of the team deployed nuclear warheads in a few minutes and sent it through enemy territory. The project was supposedly frozen, but Chinese analysts say that there are not enough Soviet developments among the civilian staff. “Each train was carrying three special variants of the RT-23 rocket. Each of them could overcome a distance of 10,100 km.

The total volley capacity of one compound was 900 times higher than that of the bomb that the Americans dropped on Hiroshima. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that the missile train has become NATO’s number one threat,” the network “PolitRussia” quotes Chinese journalists. Because of the U.S. withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Missile (IRBM) Treaty, Russia is being forced to re-establish the idea of a “ghost train” to protect itself, according to Chinese newspaper Sohu. “Now these “big killers” will be modernized. The colossal power of 36 nuclear bombs fired within 120 seconds will cause NATO to feel panic fear,” Chinese media said. The first batch is supposed to appear in 2020, which causes serious panic among NATO countries. In peacetime, “ghosts” must travel the Railroad, “silently” bringing the Pentagon to hysterics. “Russia is resuscitating anti-American nuclear trains. There are prerequisites for this. As well as the fear that they will be involved,” Sohu reports.

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