Russia ranks seventh in coronavirus

Russia ranks seventh in coronavirus

The total number of deaths from coronavirus infection among residents of the Russian Federation amounted to 1222 people.

Over the past day in Russia, 9623 new cases of coronavirus were registered in 83 regions, the operational headquarters for combating the virus said on May 2.

On the eve of the increase amounted to 7933 people. The total number of infected reached 124 054 people. Russia came in seventh in the world in the number of patients with coronavirus.

In a day, 57 people died; the day before – 96. The total number of deaths from COVID-19 was 1222 people. Over the past day, 1793 people recovered, the number of discharged patients increased to 15 013 people.

The staff determined that of the new cases, 4488 (46.6 percent) did not have clinical manifestations of the virus. According to Rospotrebnadzor, 214 thousand people remain under surveillance in the country, more than 3.9 million tests for coronavirus have been conducted.

Earlier, the mayor of Moscow said that two percent of the residents of the Russian capital were infected with a coronavirus.

On the eve it became known that the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Mishustin, had become infected with the coronavirus, he had retired and, as some Russian media write, is unlikely to return to his duties.

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In Russia, the regime of self-isolation. All of April was declared non-working. On April 15, a system of electronic passes for citizens was introduced in Moscow and the Moscow Region. All restrictions were extended until May 11 inclusive.