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Russia tested the latest 500-kilowatt electric motor

Russia tested the latest 500-kilowatt electric motor

Demonstration tests of the prospective electric motor on high-temperature superconductors were carried out as part of the acceptance of the results of the second phase of the joint project of FPI and Superox. The tests were carried out on a 500 kW unit. In the future, such propulsion systems will be used for vertical take-off and landing aircraft, as well as all-electric sea vessels.

Work on the newest electric motor started in 2016. The main modes of operation of the unit were demonstrated in the current tests.

According to representatives of the Advanced Research Foundation, the use of superconducting materials in the future will allow the creation of hybrid and all-electric engines for the latest short- and medium-haul aircraft. Such aircraft will be fully compliant with the best requirements of transport efficiency, reliability, and fuel efficiency.

At the moment, to demonstrate the capabilities of advanced technology developed power plants with a capacity of 50 and 500 kW. At the same time, the FPI previously stated that in 2020 the first flying laboratory equipped with a high-temperature electric motor on superconductors could take place.

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