Russia will crush the U.S. with a gravitational weapon – expert


Energy expert Vladimir Leonov told the magazine “Star” about what weapons “on new physical principles” Putin spoke. Many believe that in his speeches the President of the Russian Federation hinted at the imminent appearance of a powerful combat laser. But this is probably not the case – the expert believes. It’s going to be a quantum generator of gravitational waves, a grazer. Laser weapons are being developed all over the world. Russia is at the forefront in this area. The Russian Federation already has a laser complex “Peresvet”, but it is not designed to destroy enemy equipment, but only to blind its optics. Lasers for the 6th generation aircraft are also under way.

The Turks have also made some progress in this area. But these are all local successes. Before the creation of a full-fledged “combat hyperboloid”, as in the novel of the same name, not just far away – most likely it will never be created. Laser weapons have an irreparable disadvantage. It cannot be effective either on land or at sea. Any presence of water vapor or the appearance of different temperature layers in the air will unfocus the laser beam, and negate its combat capabilities. The laser may be useful for Star Wars in space, but it’s a matter of a distant future. But the combat grazer thing is quite real – the expert believes. There is no atmospheric interference with such a device. It is a kind of analog of a machine gun, which “shoots” powerful energy clots of super-strong electromagnetic interaction. The speed of such clots can exceed 300,000 km/s, so they will actually make a gravitational beam or, better to say, a wave with a huge destructive force. By placing several gravity-defying installations in space, Russia will, in fact, crush any object on U.S. territory with multiple increased gravities. Of course, such systems require a very powerful source of energy. But Russian experts have achieved serious breakthroughs in the creation of ultra-small nuclear reactors. No one in the world has such energy sources.

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