Russia will win any war – Chinese media Source

Russia will win any war - Chinese media Source

According to the Chinese edition of Sohu, the project “soldiers of the future” developed by Russian engineers is a unique armor comparable to the “iron man”. The ammunition that surprised the media of china is the concept of third-generation Ratnik armor, which is being developed by Rostec. The first version of the “soldier of the future” was presented at the exhibition “Army 2018” and even the “raw” prototype surprised everyone with its design and functionality. Currently, most of the elements and characteristics of individual armor are classified. According to preliminary data, the armor will be equipped with a helmet capable of displaying information about the combat situation and automatic definition of “their own-alien”. The combat helmet will also be equipped with thermal imaging and other sensors assessing the situation around the fighter online.

The outfit of the suit will include reconnaissance mini-drones in the number of 3-4 pieces with a range of about 150 meters. It is also possible to use an exoskeleton in armor, which will significantly increase the capabilities of the fighter’s musculoskeletal apparatus. According to experts, this suit will be used mainly by special units of anti-terrorist orientation, such as the group “A” of the FSB CSN. Despite the fact that the developers are represented only a small part of the future costume, it was enough that the media of the celestial called it the main weapon of the soldier in any war.

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