Russian air defense will train to reflect the “star strike” – developer

Developers from Izhevsk Electromechanical plant “Dome” told about the latest complex “Adjutant”, with which Russian air defense will train to reflect the “star strike”. Production deliveries will begin in a moment.

The developers have completed the preliminary tests of the training complexes “Adjutant”, their serial deliveries will begin in 2020. State tests were postponed until the summer so that Belarusian experts could take part in them, said Igor Ivanov, Director for military-technical cooperation of the Izhevsk Electromechanical plant “Kupol” (part of the concern of Almaz-Antey).

The unique complex is able to provide for air defense training four types of targets — unmanned aircraft, including jet and internal combustion engines, a simulator of a cruise missile and a helicopter.

At the first stage, when the soldiers are just learning to capture the target, the training goes with the first type of aircraft, then use the target aircraft flying at a speed of 100 meters per second, capable of maneuvering and leaving in a peak.

“Our know-how is a target imitating a cruise missile. This product flies in a horizontal flight near the ground 140 m/s, and in dive mode – up to 200 meters per second,” says Ivanov.

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Today, “Adjutant” is the only complex in the world capable of creating an extremely complex target environment and even simulate a “star RAID” — an air strike from all directions at once. In preliminary tests have been worked out training with portable SAMS and systems of long-range.

While the “Adjutant” is launched in the series, the developers continue to come up with new types of targets — faster and more complex, RIA “Novosti”.