Russian combat laser “Peresvet” shot down an Israeli UAV in Syria

By | June 3, 2020
Russian combat laser

In their publications, journalists cite the Sina Military edition, which allegedly suspected “Russian weapons with beam particles” in the destruction of an Israeli drone.

The Russian Federation continues to test the latest weapons in Syria. A number of media outlets disseminated information that the latest Russian combat laser system Peresvet was tested on the territory of the SAR. It is reported that the incident occurred on May 27. An Israeli reconnaissance drone was lost under unclear circumstances. Why it was the latest Russian weapons that were suspected of losing the reconnaissance. We emphasize that none of the parties made any accusations or statements. Recently, a lot of conflicting information has come from Syria, which is traditionally associated with testing the latest types and systems of weapons.

It was previously reported that Turkey has deployed an air defense system in northern Syria.

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