Russian engineers applied superconductivity in electric motors

By | July 15, 2020
Russian engineers applied superconductivity in electric motors

Superconductivity studies are conducted with dozens of laboratories around the world. Anyone who learns to use this phenomenon to a good advantage will receive a clear technological advantage for several decades. In Russia, they are also working on this problem and have achieved notable successes. Russian engineers recently developed the world’s first electric motor using superconductivity in their work.

Moreover, his first comprehensive tests were carried out. The tests were carried out with specific characteristics. The fact is that in the future power plants based on such engines are supposed to equip fully electric planes and helicopters. Accordingly, the tests were carried out in modes simulating take-off and landing. Removing and fixing the characteristics will help make the design of new types of electric motors more perfect.

At the same time, it is worth talking about the development of not only the electric motor as a separate unit but of a complete, complete platform with a high degree of integration. It includes directly the engine itself, the battery, the current limiting device, and a special cable. Based on it, a hybrid power plant for aviation needs will be created. Its tests are scheduled to be held no later than the end of 2021. The development of this technology will allow the creation of such aircraft as air taxis. It is assumed that a whole line of superconducting electric motors with powers from 50 to 500 kW will be presented.

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