“Russian hackers” want to steal the vaccine – “British scientists” have proved

By | July 16, 2020

Russian hackers wanted to steal data from Britain, the US and Canada on the development of a vaccine against COVID-19, the UK Cybersecurity Center said. Political analyst Andrei Manoilo on Sputnik radio commented on the accusations of the British side. The British security officers reminded me of something of “British scientists” who like to draw meaningful conclusions from scratch, while the facts are taken out of thin air or do not bother with it at all. We see the same thing now. Apparently, the British really want to take part in the catching of “Russian spies” announced by the Americans, whom everyone is trying to catch, but somehow fails. And the British do not have texture, and so they came up with a topical reason – a vaccine against coronavirus, although in Russia its own vaccines have been created and are already being tested. Coronavirus infection is on everyone’s lips and this is a guaranteed way to ensure resonance for any fake. No facts and evidence are provided, “said Andrei Manolo.
He recalled that Western intelligence agencies periodically accuse this or that country of hacker attacks, and these accusations are almost always unfounded.
“They say that someone tried to hack into these systems – by the way, it is not known whether it really happened – and they assume that no one except the Russians could have done this. It is worth recalling that this story is not new, it is constantly repeated, only the characters change. It was just that earlier it was customary to tell such stories about “North Korean hackers”, then about “Chinese hackers”, recently “Russian hackers” are in vogue. And then some more will appear, “Andrey Manoilo suggested.