Russian hypersonic “Circon” material revealed

Russian hypersonic

The promising hypersonic missile “Circon” will be made of carbon-carbon structural material of the type KIMF, which will provide heat protection of weapons, writes

According to the source of the agency, this decision “will not only reduce the weight of the missile’s design but will also make it an opportunity to make it a low-profile target for the air and missile defenses” of the enemy.
In September, Popular Mechanics reported that if Circon flew at an altitude of about 61 meters, the American radar AN/SPY-1 will be able to detect it only at a distance of about 55 kilometers, which gives less than 20 seconds to intercept the missile.

In September, The Drive, citing documents declassified by the Central Intelligence Agency concerning the A-12 Oxcart high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, reported that Circon could also be able to provide radar invisibility. use a plasma stealth shield, which involves, among other things, the use of alkaline metals, such as cesium, as a fuel additive.

According to open sources, KIMF is a three-dimensional reinforced carbon-carbon composite material that features high ablation, elastic-strength and heat-physical indicators. The manufacturer is The Chelyabinsk Carbon and Composite Materials Factory (part of Rosatom). KIMF is used, in particular, in the manufacture of the tip of the combat unit of the liquid three-stage ballistic missile of submarines R-29RM.

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