Russian hypersonic weapons are scarier than nuclear weapons

By | September 13, 2020
Russian hypersonic weapons are scarier than nuclear weapons

Entry into the Russian army of the newest missile systems Sarmat, Avangard, and Yars “puts America in a desperate situation”.

Chinese portal Sina writes about it, emphasizing outstanding combat characteristics of the new weapon. According to the publication, these systems with models of missiles with a long-range are extremely dangerous for any potential enemy.

The publication notes that the current U.S. air defense is unable to intercept the Vanguard because of the missile’s stealth, and its phenomenal speed further increases its invulnerability and effectiveness.

According to Chinese military experts, if a hypothetical conflict between Moscow and Washington begins, the U.S. coastal areas will be defenseless against an attack by the Vanguards. Even the “most advanced defense system in the world” will not be saved.

The author of the publication points out that the missile can reach Washington in 15 minutes, and that “during this time the Americans will not have time even to drink a cup of coffee”.

He called the missile itself “a masterpiece of the Russian army” and noted that its combat characteristics make it an “even more frightening weapon than a nuclear bomb”. The publication stresses Russia’s complete superiority in the field of hypersonic weapons.

Earlier, TP reported that the Russian Council of Ministers decided to equip surface and submarine multi-purpose ships laid at the United Shipbuilding Corporation’s facilities on July 20 with hypersonic weapons.

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