Russian military set up camp 250 km from the border with Ukraine

Russian military set up camp 250 km from the border with Ukraine

Most of the military equipment in the photo and video belongs to the Central Military District.

The Conflict Intelligence Team analyzed publications from social networks and came to the conclusion that the Russian military, the transfer of which became known last week, were concentrated in a field camp in the Voronezh region, about 250 km from the border with Ukraine. In 2014-2015, Russian military camps were located much closer to the border, according to CIT.

CIT found that most of the military equipment caught in the photo and video belongs to the Central Military District – it covered hundreds and thousands of kilometers to Voronezh. The servicemen are unloading at the Maslovka and Tresvyatskaya stations in the Voronezh region and heading south. Some convoys of military equipment travel through the urban-type settlement Otradnoye, before reaching Voronezh, CIT reports citing social networks.

CIT suggests that the camp is located in the northern part of the military training ground “Pogonovo” south of the garden association “Beryozka” – it is about 250 km from the border with the Luhansk and Kharkiv regions of Ukraine. Local residents wrote that the military had settled “in a field next to residential buildings.” There is also evidence of the deployment of the Russian military in the area of ​​the city of Ostrogozhsk, Voronezh region (about 150 km from the border with Ukraine).

CIT notes that such a disposition of troops cannot be explained by preparations for the Ukrainian offensive, which was predicted in the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR – the military camp is located near the borders of the regions controlled by Ukraine.

“It is impossible to imagine that Ukrainian troops would launch an offensive across the Russian border, and to bring troops into Donbas to support separatist formations, it would be more logical to deploy them in the Rostov region. Therefore, it is obvious that the disposition of Russian forces, at least in the Voronezh region, is more offensive than defensive. character, “the investigators conclude.

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CIT previously reported the highest concentration of Russian troops since 2015 near the border with Ukraine. The military activity this spring can really be called unprecedented, and in the near future Russia will be able to concentrate enough forces near the borders of Ukraine to launch a full-scale offensive operation, said the head of CIT Ruslan Leviev.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke about the “destabilizing” activity of the Russian military near the Ukrainian border on Monday in a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

On April 5, European Union Foreign Minister Josep Borrell wrote that he was concerned about the data on “Russian military activity” near the territory of Ukraine. On April 2, US President Joe Biden expressed his support for Zelensky in the evolving circumstances.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in turn, called on NATO on April 6 to accelerate the implementation of the plan for his country’s accession to the Union, to which the Kremlin said that Ukraine’s membership in NATO “would only worsen the situation.”