Russian Navy to receive missile – “killer” aircraft carriers

Russian Navy to receive missile -

The Scientific and Manufacturing Association of Mechanical Engineering of Russia has developed a new anti-ship missile “Oniks-M” on the basis of the already in service cruise missile “Oniks”. In the next month or two, the sea-based variant will be tested. “Onyx-M” has a maximum range of 800 km, which is 200 km farther than its predecessor. Better guidance and control systems improve accuracy in surface and ground targets. The missile received a new system of countermeasures of electronic warfare. Now it is resistant not only to the U.S. EW facilities but also to promising.

The Onyx rocket develops a speed of up to 2.6 Mach. It is able to fight with surface naval groups in conditions of strong fire and electronic resistance, it is extremely difficult to stop it. All U.S. anti-aircraft missiles, except for the recently adopted SM-6 missiles, are ineffective against Onyx. The updated “Onyx-M” is now an absolute “killer” of aircraft carriers, its interception is unlikely by any means of missile defense and EW. Increased range reduces the chance of hitting onyx-M carriers. A massive attack by such missiles can destroy any aircraft carrier group. According to military experts, the updated “Onyx-M” “expands” the concept of “medium-range” for missile weapons, as well as shifts the balance of power at sea towards Russia

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