Russian S-300V4 "zeroed" prospective US hypersonic missiles

Russian S-300V4 “zeroed” prospective US hypersonic missiles

The Russian S-300B4 SAM system was able to hit hypersonic targets. This was reported the day before by the “Izvestia” newspaper with reference to a source in the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Recall that the S-300V4 SAM system entered service in 2014. A fully digital complex is designed to protect against all kinds of air attacks. The system is capable to simultaneously conduct up to 24 aerodynamic targets or 16 ballistic missiles. Unlike the usual three-hundredth rocket, the S-300V4 modification is capable of reliably covering two to three times the area.

Now, thanks to the new ammunition, the complex will be able to effectively counteract operational-tactical and even hypersonic missiles, which is confirmed by tests conducted this year. The product is able to accelerate to hypersonic speed and hit targets at a distance of 400 km.

Earlier, S-300B4 was equipped with two types of missiles: medium (100-120 km) and long (up to 200 km) range. To all appearances, it was on the basis of the latter that the newest ammunition was created.

It should be noted that the current hypersonic weapon is available only in Russia. In the USA and China, such missiles are under development. According to experts, the S-300B4 equipped with the latest ammunition will be able to reliably protect our airspace not only from modern but also from advanced weapons for 10-15 years ahead.

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