Russian S-500 has already taken part in space battle and won


The Chinese edition of Sina believes that back in 2013 the Russian S-500 took part in space combat and won.

By its effectiveness, Russia’s newest S-500 anti-missile systems must bypass any modern models. The analysis of the unique weaponry was presented by the Chinese edition of Sina the day before. Experts believe that the S-500 will compete only with its predecessor – will take the place of the S-400.

The author of the article has collected all the known details about the latest weapons. For example, it is noted that the S-500 will teach to shoot down meteorites. And such a function was tested on the day of the incident in 2013 when the space object fell near Chelyabinsk. It is assumed that the destruction could have been much more serious, but just then the Russian S-500 was tested and managed to hit the object.

“… The S-500 intercepted this meteorite and successfully destroyed it so that the Earth was not harmed,” the journalist insists, referring to his international colleagues.

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The production of the S-500 started in June this year. So far, there have been a series of trials. Official sources did not comment on the S-500’s participation in the “battle” with the Chelyabinsk meteorite, which flew to Earth at a speed of 67.6 thousand kilometers per hour.

By the way, the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov has previously stated that the S-500 is only for himself, and so far Russia does not intend to sell them for any money.