Russian scientist admits advantage of e-cigarettes

By | February 9, 2020
Russian scientist admits advantage of e-cigarettes

Electronic devices and vapes are a good compromise for cigarettes, said the head of the department of tumor biology of the laboratory of molecular oncology of the FSBU “NMIC Oncology. N. N. Petrova” of the Russian Ministry of Health Yevgeny Namenitov.

Speaking to, he said that the effects of smoking e-cigarettes were not so negative, as they lacked the resins released from burning in conventional cigarettes and had a carcinogenic effect.

According to Namenitov, this is why these devices can be considered a less harmful alternative to traditional smoking.

The Professor welcomes the fact that there is a substitute without the obvious content of high doses of carcinogens. “It’s a reasonable compromise that allows you to enjoy a process like smoking without exposing yourself to such a clear and obvious danger,” he told the publication.

The policy of the unconditional ban on e-cigarettes was called extreme and “an attempt to build a life in black and white format.” At the same time, he warned that it is necessary to continue studying the side effects, as there are fears that some smokers will become involved in the bad habit with electronic devices and then switch to conventional cigarettes.

Oksana Drapkina, the chief freelance specialist at the Russian Ministry of Health, expressed her disagreement with the position of the Namenitova in an interview with She noted that the department is now making a lot of efforts to equate e-cigarettes with conventional cigarettes, as there have already been cases of serious lung diseases in such smokers. Drapkin added that the mechanism of the effects of these devices on the body is not clear, and the consequences can be unpredictable.

As reported by Reedus, scientists named dangerous chemicals that are part of flavored liquids and vaping capsules. They have a harmful effect on the lung tissue, cause inflammation and genetic damage, and with constant long-term use increase the likelihood of serious respiratory diseases and even cancer.

In early October last year, doctors said that lung damage in vapers who died and became ill in the U.S. resembled chemical burns. These e-cigarette users used nicotine-based mixtures as well as in some cases marijuana.

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