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Russian Submarine Dismissed by Danish Patrol with Nord Stream 2

Russian Submarine Dismissed by Danish Patrol with Nord Stream 2

The Russian submarine Novorossiysk and the salvage tug Nikolay Muru may have gotten away from the Danish Nord Stream 2 patrol. They are on their way from Syria to St. Petersburg. In the Baltic Sea, they were escorted by a patrol ship of the Royal Danish Navy. It followed the submarine with Kalibr cruise missiles for about 200 miles in the line of sight. However, a few miles away from the group of ships working to restart the completion of Nord Stream 2, the patrol ship stopped its escort. The submarine and tug took a left and the Danes could not pass between them and the area of the construction work so as not to get too close to either.

According to navigation portal Vesselfinder, the patrol ship Rota of the Royal Danish Navy escorted the submarine Novorossiysk and the rescue tug Nikolai Muru from Kattegat Bay to the site of the Nord Stream 2 resumption works.

For about 200 miles, the Danish navy escorted the Russian group within line of sight – 2-3 miles. And the whole operation took them more than a day. The Danish ship did not go to the end of the Danish economic zone in the Baltic Sea, east of Bornholm Island, but stopped the escort 50 miles earlier. This happened right at the group of ships preparing to resume the completion of Nord Stream 2 south of the Danish island of Bornholm.

The Danish patrol was following to the left of the tug and submarine and to the right of the gas pipeline construction. And could possibly have gotten into a “fork”. “Novorossiysk” and “Nikolai Muru” passed the Nord Stream 2 vessels at a distance of about 4 miles. At the same time, the Danish Maritime Authority prohibited approaching the barge Fortuna closer than 1.5 miles. But the Danish patrol could not go too close to the submarine and the Russian Navy tug either. As a result, it gave up its escort and headed back to the port of Vordingborg.

As reported by the media, the submarine does not transmit data on its location, but the fact that the rescue tugboat is going together with the submarine Novorossiysk is confirmed by bloggers. Thus, yesterday, January 28, Warship Cam posted a photo from the surveillance cameras of the bridge Small Belt between the Danish islands of Fun and Ere. It shows the Novorossiysk and the Nikolai Muru entering the Kattegat Bay towards the Baltic Sea.

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Previously, bloggers wrote that the Russian Navy submarine and rescue tugboat passed through the Strait of Gibraltar from the Mediterranean Sea on January 13. Even earlier, in November, the Zvezda TV channel reported that the Novorossiysk was undergoing submarine survivability exercises in Tartus, Syria.

The navigation portal Myshiptracking also indicates that the Nikolai Muru is following the Tartus route. This rescue tugboat became widely known after it escorted two supply vessels for Nord Stream 2 – Ostap Sheremet and Ivan Sidorenko – from Sri Lanka to the Mediterranean Sea last June together with the frigate Admiral Grigorovich.

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