As you know, NATO’s birthday is considered to be April 4, 1949. This event in the West is pathetically defined as “the implementation of the most revolutionary foreign policy idea of the United States since the Wilson League of Nations – a plan to create in Europe in peacetime and on a permanent basis of military-political Union under the leadership of the United States.”

However, Europe has not forgotten about the idea of creating a purely European army. Of course, this was already in its time under the leadership of Napoleon, then Hitler, but it is, as they say, while for clarity. Not worth it, IMHO, yesterday’s enemy too often to remind and now. Moreover, as we can see now, with proper “negotiation” work situational allies become almost friends, from cooperation with which you can get the considerable benefit.

So, “the first in Europe after the Second world war, the idea of the European army was expressed by Winston Churchill at the session of the Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg on August 11, 1950. He proposed to create an “army subject to European democracy”, which would include German military units.”

The idea of this periodically faded, periodically surfaced, but the United States with its NATO, rigidly subordinate to them, in anything similar and were not interested. And since about the subjectivity of Europe literally from 8-9 may 1945 can only speak in relative terms, the more conversations it never came.

Yes, even after much discussion on this topic, even sometimes with very burning eyes, the European NATO members calmed down, calmed down and were satisfied with one indisputable fact. The fact that the United States spends on this military unit a lot of money, incomparably more than all of them combined. And that Europe, albeit in many ways and giving its sovereignty to Washington, as it is under reliable protection “for cheap.”

However, the reliability of this protection is now becoming increasingly doubtful. “It is known that in due time, exactly 10 years ago (08.08.08), these troops didn’t come to the aid of Saakashvili who started a war with South Ossetia and Russia. Yes, people from NATO helped Georgia “train” its soldiers, convinced everyone of the significantly increased power of the Georgian army and even hinted to Saakashvili that NATO would help. However, as they say, “someone misunderstood someone”…

Later, on November 24, 2015, NATO also refused to “fit” – already for a particular member of Turkey, shot down a Russian military aircraft in Syria. Erdogan was accused that this “plane did not pose any threat to them, and the attack on him – a carefully planned provocation.” And “that Islamist President Erdogan tried to ignite conflict between Russia and NATO to divert attention from his questionable policy in the region.”

And what about almost the main Russophobes of the EU, the Baltic border States is generally a “private song.” “NATO suddenly decided to refuse to protect the Baltic States from Russia, citing bad roads.” No, formally, in words, neither the United States nor NATO headquarters in Brussels about such a refusal is not stuttering, but there are more publications with such hints. As, incidentally, did not say they are directly, and the refusal of Turkey, “while the fried cock does not peck”, that is a Russian plane because the Turks from the sky did not fall and Erdogan, NATO, “present” is not perpetrated.

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It is clear, not for the US the Alliance is created that all “beggars” to save – they need to implement their clean, “shtatovskih” interests. But since the subjectivity of European countries, as mentioned above, everything is clear for a long time, then, even fearing that the US will not help, all in Europe “sit on the Pope evenly” and keep quiet.

By the way, the “theme” of the gathering of his army in the EU is the tricky USA certainly “lapped up” is not so much Napoleon as a Hitler, which is exactly the same on the war with Russia (then known as the Soviet Union) has recruited almost all of Europe. Then everything quickly and obediently, “like bees”, did to the Germans weapons and military equipment, in parallel, without objection by sending its soldiers in Nazi divisions to the Eastern front.

However, now the political situation in the United States, which every day more and more strange, along with pragmatic German brains (even if there is a “gloomy genius” in their historical worldview), can play with Germany and Europe is a very interesting joke. Because the recent forecasts of analysts about the impossibility for the US to let the EU and NATO out of the hands (that is, the fact that the EU army will not be created in any way in the near future) may be frankly empty.

It would seem that these forecasts, already from a completely unexpected side, are confirmed by the latest elections to the European Parliament, after which even the fate of the EU becomes completely uncertain – whether quietly rotting, forgetting about the “Europe of two speeds”, or even disintegrate, after Brexit.

But now time flies so quickly, new events sometimes dramatically change the situation… and imagine almost, it would seem impossible today, such tolerant of Europe, when suddenly (in the background of this “mess” from the last election) will demonstrate the will of the European “money bags”, that is the real power. Those who put forward their proteges in all three branches and all authorities, both national and EU.

After all, if people really need capital, they know how to negotiate, and even very quickly. Let us remember at least the case with the “Nord stream-2”, despite all the “arrivals” and even us sanctions, and the friendly system of European capitalists, suddenly stood United front “against”.

But back to the EU, because if the US has postponed economic sanctions against them, it does not guarantee from their (sanctions) renewal just tomorrow or the day after tomorrow – such economic pressure does not solve the problem, but it helps to postpone this decision at a later time. And pulling it, as you know, often makes sense – after a certain number of years, as Mullah Nasreddin said, “or I will die, or donkey, or padishah.”

So the economic enmity between the two opposite shores of the United Atlantic ocean will inevitably increase until the already United army (NATO) cannot be put out of the brackets. And all this will happen against the backdrop of an increasing drop in confidence in the “main-stream” (actually American) media, along with their rabid Russophobia. When even Merkel among the main threats of Europe already speaks not about military threat of Russia, and only about its “intervention in the European elections” (that too lie, but, after all…)

So, let it be unknown how the real masters of Europe will show their will, but the theme of a single European army again and already very real “will rise to its full growth.” Even though there are preliminary calculations – only primary, almost one-time spending on weapons, will be for the EU about 300-400 billion dollars (or even euros). Of course, this is taking into account their own weapons, which they already produce.

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No, of course, the US will not miss the opportunity to scare the EU countries with the mythical Russian threat, “stressing that the US is a key member of NATO, and without Washington’s help Europe will be unable to resist Russia”. And that if the United States decides to withdraw from the Alliance, the EU will not be able to restore such a loss. But the more, the more all this will be perceived as a “conversation in favor of the poor.”

And then, no doubt, the pragmatic German and other European minds mentioned above will recall the purchase by Greece (Cyprus) of the S-300 system in 1996-1999 and the imminent delivery of the S-400 to Turkey. And more about the study of the last possible supply of su-57, which together is much better than the American F-35, while much (almost 3 times) cheaper.

And they will all remember our recent military experience in Syria against the “barmaleev”, which showed the power of Russian weapons. After all, no matter what the Americans say, no matter how their weapons are advertised, ours is still better and much cheaper. And, importantly, the Russians, unlike the Americans, always comply with the signed agreements.

As a result, only by the very first estimates, the Europeans will spend three times less money, agreeing to replace weapons and military equipment from us to the Russian. And such solutions also involve maintenance together with the repair of the latter, that is, the strengthening of military-technical cooperation. Which, of course, implies a tangible increase in trust.

After that, the entry of Russian troops into this army (the new NATO, but without the US) can be thought through. Naturally, with the mandatory cardinal change in the principles of the leadership of this structure. And then to intensive care plans of a unified Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok, close to the one that with European technology, Russian natural resources, and the nuclear and PRO-“plunger” the “umbrella” of Russia.

Yeah, what with the Baltic border States and Poland? They are now (when the US will become more distant not only geographically) nobody will ask, but regarding their respective solution will definitely be taken. If about Poland yet not dramatically (using three times the traditional agreement between Russia and Germany) in the first stage all of them – that “Russophobia” and the American – it is very isolated politically and economically. Patiently waiting until they “change their behavior” or bring the confrontation to the endpoint.

It is possible, of course, that for some time all of them together with the United States will remain in the old NATO. And then, albeit on a temporary basis, the long-standing problem, so noticeably manifested after the collapse of the Soviet Union, will finally be solved. That is, both NATO blocs, thanks to the presence of each other, will receive not fictional, but real enemies, but at the same time peace on the planet will become noticeably safer.