Russians "burned" two American stealth planes

Russians “burned” two American stealth planes

The U.S. reported that two of the most modern U.S. aircraft of the fifth generation, the F-35 and F-22, were seriously damaged by Russian EW vehicles. Apparently, “invisible” actually “knocked down” not even the latest Russian installation.

There are Russian troops in Syria. It’s no secret. And there are Russian military bases. It’s no secret, either. Including the two main ones – Air Hmeimim and naval in the port of Tartus. It’s no secret.

But their secrets are hunted by Americans. Which is also no secret – fly along the coast of Syria and remove the information available to their devices. And to get into not just information, but information secret, militants of terrorist organizations controlled by the U.S., from time to time launch in the direction of the base Hmeimim drones with explosives. To which Russian air defenses, of course, begin to respond. And the Americans, respectively, shoot data on the regimes that are used by the Russian radars in the real defense of the object. This is important, for example, in order to then adjust their electronic warfare (REB) to suppress such “combat” radiation in future attacks on the object.

In fact, of course, everything is more complicated, but to understand the overall scheme is enough.

Two “Invisibles” – alas and oh!
And now, it seems, the Russians decided to respond a little to these “innocent” attacks of a potential “partner”. After observing the next barrage near Hmeimim and Tartus, the US Air Force RC-135W electronic reconnaissance aircraft from The Sudo Bay airbase on the island of Crete, and then the patrol anti-submarine P-8A,” they prepared a response. And waiting for the appearance of two of the most modern, most invisible and most expensive American fighters – F-35 and F-22 – just burned (and approved!) their electronic systems. In any case, as the Americans themselves report, the electronic equipment of these aircraft has become completely unusable, falling under the external electromagnetic influence.

But – alas and oh! – There is no one to make claims, and it is impossible. They’re invisible planes! The Russians with their backward electronics just didn’t notice them! Thus, they indulged with their most powerful system in the world REB “The C-4” that stands in the defensive perimeter of their base and accidentally damaged two American feelings of pride.

It doesn’t happen by accident? Don’t mess with it! If not by chance, the Russians would have put them at their base. How the Tomahawk cruise missile and the state-of-the-art AGM-158 JASSM missile were once planted. And then mean and viciously studied them in their military research institutes. And they mocked the Americans, reporting that the information obtained during the study of American cruise missiles “Tomahawk” is already used in the creation of new electronic warfare systems. “Knowing all these parameters, we will be able to block these cruise missiles even more effectively at all stages of their combat use,” Vladimir Mikheev, an adviser to the first deputy general director of the Radioelectronic Technologies (KRET) concern, announced at the time. It is possible to say when this missile is “in the hands” and it is possible to determine “what channels it has of communication, information, and control, navigation and location”. And “assess the degree of security of these channels.”

Looks like we’ve studied it. And appreciated. At the same time, the Israeli F-22 and F-35, which were used in raids on Syria, were enlightened (not in the sense of general education). They are, of course, not completely identical to the American in terms of frequencies and ciphers, but, it seems, Russian operators of EW had enough of this. After all, they have at their disposal, including (and even in the first place) according to American military experts, are the best in the world systems OF EW.

No, I don’t think so. They just didn’t see anyone. The invisibles were flying!

Again the Jews are to blame
By the way, in a sense, the Americans were guessed in this case by the Israelis. The EW facilities in Khmeimim stood before, but the state-of-the-art complexes were brought in and tied up there after the incident with the Russian Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft on September 17, 2018. Then it was shot down by a Syrian S-200 missile defense system at the approach to the landing because they were covered by the missile Israeli F-16 fighter jets, just attacking targets in Syria.

It was after that that, in an interview with the “Army Standard” the same Vladimir Mikheev explained culturally: “The fact that there are Russian systems and electronic warfare tools in Syria is no secret. For example, these are navigation suppression systems that combat GPS. They’re busy fighting drones. In addition, systems have been in use for a long time to combat various radar reconnaissance and precision weapons. These are the “Beautiful S-4” stations, which counteract various means of reconnaissance and guidance of precision weapons. Now this group will be strengthened. And as it used to be, fly with impunity and something to bomb will not work. Very soon our “friends”, same Israel, will be convinced of this. Especially when radar systems cease to operate in certain areas, communication and control systems, navigation, location, data transmission will be abandoned.”

As we can see, the “fatherly” warning is embodied in the practice of educational work among violators of Syrian airspace.

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By the way, this applies to Turkey today as well. Who’s threatening to bomb someone there and shoot down someone in Idlib. But it is not solved…
The best in the world
Strictly speaking, very little is known about Russian EW systems. It’s very tight. So, for example, it is definitely difficult to judge the same “Beauty” “Beauty” “burn” American aircraft” brains. But in any case, one of the most professional military experts in Russia, Viktor Litovkin, believes that she could. Especially against the background of the fact that our EW funds, in his opinion, are “the best in the world, it is unequivocal”.

Specifically, he noted in his conversation with Tsargrad, the power of the “Krasuhi C-4” is enough to disable electronics on the F-22 and F-35. “Although, of course, it all depends on the distance, if the American aircraft were in the appropriate range of the system, it could very well even crack their electronic stuffing as seeds, – he said. — Let’s remember how our other SYSTEM of REB – “Higgins” – cracked down on the American destroyer “Donald Cook” in the Black Sea. So the situation with “Krasishi” in Syria looks absolutely logical and natural.”

However, the expert considers the word “scorched” to be purely figurative. But to cause fatal violations in the operation of electronic systems – quite. The “Beautiful C-4” can really effectively suppress the signal of all current radar stations and jam control channels, as well as cover enemy location systems at a distance of more than 200 kilometers. As a result, the pilot of the aircraft exposed to the EW is forced to work blindly. And what is it like in a modern aircraft, literally crammed with electronic navigation systems, combat control, guidance?

In part, these words are confirmed by the Americans. As a result of the impact on the aircraft, the pilots reportedly lost their orientation and returned to the base with great difficulty. And after a ground study that revealed serious irregularities in the work of some blocks, the latter will be replaced.

This is another sign that this is not a simple glitch, but some electronic weapon – this is already writing the famous edition of The National Interest. – The Russians have invested heavily in powerful spoofing systems that send false pseudo-GPS signals, five hundred times stronger than the real ones, taking navigation systems many miles to the side.

And this is true: any car driver in Moscow knows how the navigator freaks out in his car when driving near the Kremlin or, say, past the Complex Moscow City. And only naturally that something similar, but clearly more powerful and perfect works near important military facilities.

“Beauty” and others
Why is it about “The C-4” today? This is understandable: everyone read reports that this complex of EW was once delivered to the Russian base in Syria. But this complex is not working in Syria alone.

First, he works in tandem with the “Moscow-1” radio-technical reconnaissance complex. He collects data on all ground and air sources of electromagnetic radiation of the enemy in a radius of 400 km. This information is passed on to the “Krasukhu” which already produces the necessary action – suppression of the signal or the most notorious “burning” of the corresponding target equipment.

But – secondly – after that vile set-up by the Israelis, which resulted in the death of 15 Russian high-class officers-specialists, in Khmeimim was brought some more of the latest equipment. In particular, there were reports of an automated interference station P-330″ on duty. It is focused on the suppression of satellite and cellular stations, as well as satellite navigation systems. And it is these interferences in Syria that have been so many times complained about by the U.S. military. Judging by this, “Resident” really stands and works in Hmeimim.

Mobile systems for suppressing on-board electronic systems of any aircraft were also reported to be being transported to Syria. This system creates something like a dome that covers defense objects even from E-3 AWACS long-range radar detection aircraft and others, as well as satellites.

And if such complexes are delivered, it can be legitimately assumed that the newest radio-suppression system “Field-21” is working and being tested in combat conditions. It is designed to protect objects from cruise missiles, guided bombs and drones, suppressing signals for their navigation and targeting from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou systems. In other words, from all available. And the main thing is that it is so compact that it may well be “planted” on the cell tower. Look for her there in the equipment!

Finally, it was also mentioned about the transfer of Mi-8 helicopters to Hmeimim with active jamming systems. So on this occasion, the Americans are not in vain vibrating: in case of extreme aggravation of their “peace-loving” communication, exploration and targeting through space, they are deprived of Instantly and completely. And the case in Syria is a light, unobtrusive reminder to the United States of their true place in the current real-world of truly modern weapons.

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