Russians defended America: Hundreds of volunteers gathered over night

By | June 5, 2020
Russians defended America: Hundreds of volunteers gathered over night

The Russian-speaking community of Brooklyn defended peaceful Americans from marauders and provocateurs. Literally overnight, about five hundred volunteers gathered. Now patrols are being formed from them.

Some of the details of the initiative of the Russian-speaking community of Brooklyn to protect civilians in the United States was reported by one of the authors of the idea, Isaac Boltyansky. He spoke about the menacing leaflets that appeared on the doors of some businessmen.
Boltyansky said that they “did not like what was happening in New York, mainly in Manhattan and the Bronx,” including the attitude to the police, whom the provocateurs even try to simply kill. No peaceful protests are out of the question.

As a result, it was the Russians who defended America and its civilians. The Russian-speaking community of Brooklyn began to form popular patrols to protect people from marauders and aggressive provocateurs.

In just one night, it was worth throwing a cry for friends, about five hundred volunteers gathered. Moreover, representatives of other nationalities also joined the Russians.

“We have not only Russian speakers – there are Jews, Muslims, Christians. But mostly Russian speakers,” Boltyansky said.

The activist emphasized that he and his associates did not want such riots to take place in Brooklyn, and indeed anywhere else. At the same time, Boltyansky drew attention to the fact that if the police are not able to provide protection to families and businesses, then people themselves will do it.

“We asked people to go outside and carefully watch, for example, are their objects hidden somewhere in the district that could be used with malicious intent during the protests,” Boltyansky told RIA Novosti. “Our only weapons are our phones, we’ll call the police if we see something suspicious. But if it happens that the police cannot protect us, people are ready to protect themselves, their family, their business, their life. “

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