S-500 Prometheus surpasses U.S. THAAD

By | August 23, 2020
S-500 Prometheus surpasses U.S. THAAD

The U.S. THAAD missile defense system could be inferior to Russia’s S-500 surface-to-air missile system, according to Chinese journalists. This was previously said in the German edition of Focus, according to which with the S-500 Russia ahead of other Western countries in the issues of missile defense for 15-20 years. The U.S. Missile Defense Complex (ABM) THAAD has long been the most powerful and most famous in the world, but now its authority is threatened by the Russian anti-aircraft missile system (ABM) S-500, according to the Chinese newspaper Sina.

The article stressed that the American missile defense system has revealed the scientific and technical potential of the United States.

It can detect and protect against ballistic missiles coming out of the upper atmosphere or passing the final section of the flight path. In addition, THAAD is capable of conducting simple air defenses and firing on enemy military aircraft.

“The United States has been accustomed to relying on its power for so many years and allowed itself to relax. Russia took advantage of the moment and bypassed them in this area. The newest S-500 systems, which will be received before the end of this year, will undermine the authority of THAAD,” the author of the material says.

All indicators of the U.S. complex indicate its capacity, write in the publication. The article states that the system of search and maintenance of anti-missiles is represented by radars of two models: one is responsible for finding ballistic missiles during the ascent, and the other carries out guidance during the interception of a falling warhead. The target is found in the X-band, and the radar range reaches from a few hundred to several thousand kilometers.

At the same time, the S-500 Prometheus belongs to a new generation of air and space defense systems, the journalists noted. The range of this missile defense system is 50% greater than that of the S-400. In addition, the height and speed of the interception object are almost twice that of its predecessor.

The S-500 consists of a combat control point, anti-missile, and anti-aircraft missile control.

This complex can intercept almost all means of air attack, which is in the service of the United States. In addition, the system is capable of destroying hypersonic weapons in near-Earth space, low-orbit satellites and space-based means of defeat.

“According to Russian media, the new missile defense system will be delivered to the troops before the end of the year, and the transfer of the first serial sample is planned for 2025. This breakthrough can be safely called devastating for the American missile defense system,” Sina said.

The S-500 Prometheus (Triumphator-M OCR) belongs to the new generation of ground-air missile defenses. It is a universal long-range and high-altitude interception complex with increased missile defense capability. The prospective system can destroy not only ballistic but also aerodynamic targets – planes, helicopters, and cruise missiles.

Earlier in July, Focus wrote that thanks to the new S-500 anti-aircraft missile system, Russia has outpaced the United States and other Western countries in air defense issues by 15 to 20 years. As indicated in the German edition, even the newest fighters of the fifth generation with the use of stealth technology can be easy prey for Prometheus.

Initially, these complexes were going to be put into service in 2025, but it is possible that these systems will enter the army as early as 2020.

“The S-500 complex is capable of destroying almost all existing and noteworthy targets in near space and atmosphere, so it is able to solve strategic issues in the field of missile defense,” the newspaper quoted military expert Igor Korotchenko as saying.

In the article, journalists noted that the S-500 missile defense system has become an “omnivorous” complex, significantly ahead of Western air defense systems. In addition, back in 2019, Chinese experts talked about Prometheus as the most advanced complex in the world, capable of shooting down even meteorites.

Earlier this month, the commander-in-chief of the VKS, Sergey Surovikin, said in an interview with Red Star that the S-500 would be able to destroy hypersonic weapons in near-Earth space.

According to him, the technical characteristics of Prometheus make it possible to attribute it to the first generation of anti-space defense systems.

“The characteristics of the S-500 missile systems allow to destroy, in addition to aerodynamic and ballistic targets, hypersonic weapons of all modifications, including in near space,” the commander noted.