Sales volumes of video cards for mining have sharply increased in Russia

By | September 14, 2020
Sales volumes of video cards for mining have sharply increased in Russia

In August, Russia recorded a new surge in sales of video cards for mining. According to “Kommersant”, retailers, distributors, and fiscal operators have noted a significant increase in sales of PC components.

In particular, according to the operator “Platform OFD”, device sales for July – August increased by 470% compared to the same period last year, and the leaders in terms of volume were video cards, processors, and RAM.

“One of the trends was the growth in the consumption of video cards for mining starting from August,” – said the director of the department of “Laptops, tablets and components” of “Marvel Distribution” Andrey Krichevsky.
Andrey Rusakov, representative of “Citilink”, confirmed that sales of video cards that can be used in mining, increased by 49% in monetary terms.

It should be noted that the deficit of video cards on the market had previously been observed in 2017 during the sharp growth of the cryptovoltaic market. At the end of the summer of 2020, the miners were able to significantly increase revenues. Compared to July in the last month of summer, according to The Block, the income of the first cryptovoltaic earners increased by 23% and reached $ 368 million. According to RBC, taking into account the awards for blocks and commissions in the last month of summer, cryptovoltaic earners received the highest income in the last three months and since May Halving.

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