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How Samsung's new flagship Galaxy smartphone is better than the iPhone

How Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy smartphone is better than the iPhone

Samsung has rather routinely updated its Galaxy S line of smartphones, introducing three 2021 models. The cheapest is the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. It also has every chance of becoming the most popular in the Android world. How different the novelty is from its predecessor and whether it is worth its money – in the review of RIA Novosti.
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G – RIA Novosti, 1920, 03.02.2021
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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
The design of the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (and the entire S21 family) is balanced against its peers. Nothing superfluous, the smartphone is laconic. The presented color “purple phantom”, of course, is unlikely to become a hit of sales, but there are a lot of Samsung design options, there is plenty to choose from.
The Galaxy S21 is the only one in the series with a polymer back panel. There was enough criticism: the smartphone was more expensive than its predecessor, and the materials were spared. However, the panel itself does not cause rejection – if you do not know that it is plastic, then to the touch, the material is indistinguishable from frosted glass. Yes, it is not cold in the hand and it can be assumed that with prolonged use it will be covered with scratches and scuffs. But first, most buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G wear a protective case. And secondly, the plastic allowed to win in weight: 169 grams is very good.
 Galaxy smartphone

The frame of the case, of course, is made of metal. But especially interesting is the new design of the camera unit. It looks like one piece with the frame, but they are still different parts. And, of course, the smartphone has received moisture protection under the IP68 standard – able to survive without consequences at a two-meter depth for half an hour.
The display
The screen is covered by the latest Gorilla Glass Victus – we’ve already seen this on the iPhone 12. No one is immune to scratches, but in this “gorilla” worked on durability: the smartphone should withstand a fall on the floor.
It’s good that in the basic Samsung Galaxy S21 5G they abandoned the edges of the screen, going on the body – now we will definitely forget about the phantom presses. The good old flat glass is easier to install protection. And a good film is glued to the display from the factory, which is enough for the first time.

The matrix for the new generation of the S series is called Dynamic AMOLED 2X. The big news is that there is a full 120 hertz. They work in dynamic mode, depending on the application, game, or interface. Of course, there is HDR10+ for video, a matrix peak brightness of 1300 nits, and a customizable Always-on display.
The display diagonal is only 6.2 inches. We can say that the Koreans, without any pomp, presented a compact flagship, the fashion for which returns.
Performance, memory, and communications
Introducing the new S21, Samsung promised that the five-nanometer Exynos 2100 platform will return users’ confidence in the products of the South Korean chipmaker. This did not prevent the release according to the classic scheme for the U.S. and China, the entire line of S21 on Snapdragon 888, however, in Russia, such a version can not buy.
Exynos processor with the Cortex-X1 super core really looks like a real flagship chip of 2021 in synthetics and real use scenarios. I was surprised by how the smartphone copes with trolling and heating – after a 20-minute run in CPU Throttling Test the smartphone hardly drops the operating frequency, and the case itself heats up minimally. This indicates the competent implementation of the cooling system and the layout of the processor.
In games, the S21 shows itself well. A maximum framerate with appropriate graphics in many games is not a problem. But there are exceptions: for example, the beloved by many PUBG does not allow you to set the graphics above maximum, which is due to the optimization of the game for the Exynos processor and video gas pedal Mali-G78 MP14. Finally, the screen with a higher clock speed gives an advantage in those games where it is supported – as a result, the feeling of the familiar scenes is completely different.
 Galaxy smartphone

It would be strange to see memory compromises in Samsung’s 2021 flagship. And there are none here. The base version comes with 128GB of storage, while the extended version has 256GB. The storage is made by the fast technology UFS 3.1. But the RAM is only 8 GB LPDDR5. Unfortunately, the new generation does not bring back the memory card that many people love. Neither is the audio jack.
There are specific interfaces in the smartphone, like ANT+ for sports devices or Samsung DeX for working with a computer. It’s good that the Koreans don’t forget that because as a result, you can make a working replacement for the computer from the smartphone connected to the TV or monitor.
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G works with NFC as part of the service Samsung Pay. The news is that the Koreans are abandoning the electromagnetic technology MST. But it is not widespread in Russia, so no one will notice it here.
Although 5G networks have not been launched in Russia yet, all versions of the S21 support it. This is how Samsung believes in our market. Well, if you happen to use this smartphone in fifth-generation mobile networks, the S21 will provide very advanced capabilities. The Exynos 2100 processor itself, or rather the integrated 5G modem, is capable of functioning in the millimeter range (mmWave). In theory

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