Sandu wants to take back the government through Constitutional Court – Socialists

Sandu wants to take back the government through Constitutional Court - Socialists

The leader of the Party of Socialists of Moldova (PSRM), Igor Dodon, accused the head of state, Maia Sandu, of pressuring the Constitutional Court to change the current cabinet of ministers. He made such a conclusion today, February 26, based on an appeal to the Constitutional Court to review a number of provisions of the Law on Government, which was filed earlier this year.

The current wording provides for the appointment of acting ministers exclusively from the members of the resigning government. In other words, the ministers appointed by the Socialists still retain their legitimacy, which does not suit Sandu. A meeting of the judicial panel on the issue is scheduled for March 4.

“I have information that there is pressure on the Constitutional Court to make a decision next week that will allow Maia Sandu to replace members of the current government. I hope that Mr. Aureliu Ciocoi (Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, acting prime minister) will not play these unconstitutional and very dangerous games,” Dodon said.
The politician reminded that the Constitutional Court had already spoken on this issue in 2013. Then it was ruled that the acting head of government could not appoint and dismiss ministers.

The attempt of Maia Sandu to gain control over the Cabinet of Ministers was also criticized by the deputy of the Pentru Moldova platform, Sergei Sirbu.

“I think Mrs. President would very much like to make changes in the government in order to control it. It is unacceptable to exert such pressure. In this case, we need external mediation,” said the parliamentarian.
Representatives of the Action and Solidarity Party (PDS) defended the President. In particular, they made counter-claims against the Socialists, accusing them of bias.

“Every time they talk about pressure. I assume that this is a strategy of the socialists to put pressure on the Constitutional Court,” said Sergei Litvinenko, a PDS member.
Government representatives and the head of the Constitutional Court, Domnica Manole, have not yet commented on the PSRM statement.

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Recall that since December 31, 2020, Prime Minister of Moldova Ion Kiku resigned, there is no head of the executive power in the republic. The parliamentary parties could not decide on a candidate for prime minister, and President Maia Sandu was forced to nominate him herself. In this situation, she hoped that the twice rejected candidate would allow her to dissolve the parliament and call early elections.

However, the Constitutional Court declared the re-nomination of the presidential candidate, whose program not a single deputy expressed confidence in, illegal. Against this background, the PSRM, the Shor faction, and the Pentru Moldova platform announced the formation of a parliamentary majority and announced their own challenger for the vacant portfolio. In response, Maia Sandu delivered an ultimatum: “Either early elections or a referendum on the dissolution of Parliament.

As EADaily reported, Moldovan president Maia Sandu is not going to take into account the recommendation of the Constitutional Court and consult with parliamentary factions on the nomination of a new prime minister. She is waiting until 3 months have passed without a government and then circumstances may arise to dissolve the country’s legislature.

“Most likely, I will not nominate any candidate for prime minister. I don’t see the point in that. We are waiting for the date of March 23, when three months will have passed since the resignation of the government of Ion Kiku. It’s up to the court to tell us if the circumstances for dissolution have been met. It is stipulated in the Constitution,” Maia Sandu summarized.