Sarkozy no longer wants to run for president

Sarkozy no longer wants to run for president

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that he does not intend to run for president in the upcoming elections.
Earlier on Monday, a Paris court ruled in the so-called “wiretapping case,” which dates back to 2014. The court found Sarkozy guilty of corruption and influence-peddling and sentenced him to three years in prison, two of them suspended. Sarkozy’s lawyer Thierry Herzog and former high-ranking Court of Cassation official Gilbert Azibert was also found guilty of corruption.

Sarkozy ready to appeal to the ECHR
“I am still a member of my political party, I will not leave it. I said that I had turned the page of active political activity, but that does not mean that I will not say what I think during next year’s elections. I am too attached to France to be indifferent to what is going on and the seriousness of the situation… When I said that I turned the page, it was not because of a court decision that I expected, nor because another injustice had to be done against me! It is another personal reflection that worries me, my family, and that prompted me to decide to leave,” Sarkozy told the Figaro newspaper.
He noted that he would not have engaged in active political activities even if he had been released on Monday.
“I saw that Boehner (the prosecutor) with his great complacency bragged that he did not ask to deprive me of my civil rights. So I can still vote. I thank him… But he won’t be the one dictating my political agenda. I said I would not be a candidate in the presidential election, I’m keeping that,” Sarkozy said.

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