Saudi Arabia recognized: “Shell-C1” better than Patriot

The online edition of reported extreme frustration the military command, Saudi Arabia us air defense. Since the beginning of the month, the Houthis have carried out several missile attacks from neighboring Yemen on military and civilian targets in Saudi Arabia. And they were all successful for the Houthis. And extremely sensitive for the Kingdom. The Ah-64 Apache attack helicopter was destroyed, and two more rotorcraft was damaged requiring major repairs.

Also, according to the edition, several vehicles, a warehouse of ammunition were undermined, the power supply of several military and civil objects was broken. But none of the Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems located in the region was able to repel the missile attack.

I must say, there is no great novelty in this. These American systems, which are periodically upgraded, have not learned to intercept the “old” Soviet Scud missiles. Moreover, it is not even “Scud”, and their copies, which make middle Eastern craftsmen in semi-artisan workshops.

The single-stage liquid rocket R-17, nicknamed “kerosene”, was adopted by the missile forces of the Soviet Union in 1962. The missile was actively sold and simply delivered for the sake of common political views abroad. In particular — the Middle East. The export version is called Skad. The range of the missile, made at the Soviet factories — 300 km and a payload of 900 kg. the Circular error probable — 450 m. it is clear that the characteristics of home-made rockets are weaker. Moreover, some homemade have half the accuracy and weight of the warhead. This is the result of increasing the range by installing an additional tank of kerosene. And another important point: the missile flies on a strict ballistic trajectory. This makes it easier to intercept the missile due to the fact that it is well known what points it passes during the flight, and at what point it is necessary to send an anti-missile.

SAM “Patriot” was adopted by the United States in 1982. To date, there are four modifications of the complex — Patriot, Patriot PAC 1, Patriot PAC 2 and Patriot PAC 3. Their combination, according to foreign trade representatives of Raytheon, hits everything that flashes in the sky. That complex, something that brochures overrated, his dignity, became known in 1991. And not simply known, and scandalously known.

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During the Gulf war, Iraq massively shelled modified Scud Positions of American troops in Israel and Saudi Arabia. For what in the region were urgently deployed several batteries SAM “Patriot”. However, they did not help much. According to various estimates, the number of successful interceptions ranged from 30 to 50 percent. Even the Pentagon called quite shameful for the “best in the world” SAM figure of 80 percent.

A black day for us army was February 25, 1991, when several missiles flew freely to the barracks of Marines located in Saudi Arabia. 28 soldiers were killed, more than 200 were injured of varying severity.

As an excuse firmachi said that the complex is fine, but it was not timely made software correction. It is because of this and missed missiles past targets.

Later began to speak, that then been used not well a perfect “Patriot”, his early modification Patriot PAC1. She has the probability of hitting a tactical missile with one anti-missile in the absence of interference is 0.3−0.4. That is, one “Scud” requires three missiles for a guaranteed interception. But now there were other modifications, in connection with which tactical missiles there is no chance for a breakthrough.

On Patriot, there are passport data, which indicates the probability of interception of tactical missiles, which includes “Scud”. Statistics, however, refute these data indicating that the U.S. company Raytheon, which produces the Patriot missile systems, is a gross falsification of passport data.

Passport data of the last modification of the Patriot PAC3 indicated that the probability of intercept missiles “Scud” one antimissile is 0.6−0.8. At the same time, last year’s Raytheon report on the effectiveness of the complexes supplied to Saudi Arabia (Patriot PAC3 and a slightly less effective Patriot PAC2) says that on average, 4 missiles of the “best in the world SAM” are spent on one Scud. And, therefore, one successful interception costs the Saudis $ 12 million. That is, as we can see, the words and deeds of American rocket scientists are very different. More than twice. At the same time, the report does not disclose the number of Houthis missiles that have reached the goal, and the material damage caused, as well as losses among the civilian population and military personnel.

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And finally, Saudi Arabia realized that with American means of protection from missile attacks, the Kingdom will not have a quiet life. And in October, during the visit to Moscow of Saudi King Salman bin Abdel al Saud, talks were held on the purchase of Russian s-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. However, due to pressure from the United States, the Kingdom was forced to abandon the S-400.

But now, it seems, is quite annoying. Houthis with impunity strike after blow and the American SAM are not able to prevent that. as mentioned above, Riyadh turned its eyes to the anti-aircraft missile and gun complex “Pantsir-S1”. Awareness of the advantages of this complex did not come from scratch. In April-may, the activity of terrorists in the Syrian province of Idlib, in the so-called “de-escalation zone”increased dramatically. Terrorists persistently shelled the Russian military base Hamim missiles reactive systems of volley fire “Grad”. So, zrpk “Pantsir-C1” provides 100 percent protection, intercepting all the jet ammunition of terrorists.

The Russian complex is much cheaper than the American one. One launcher “Patriot” costs customers $ 250 million, the division is worth a billion. For zrpk “Pantsir-S1” it is necessary to pay only 15 million dollars. It would seem that for the Saudis it is insignificant, they are, as they say, money is not used to consider. There is a huge contract for the purchase of American equipment, worth $ 100 billion. It includes almost all types of weapons for land forces, aviation, and Navy. And there are, indeed, high-class models among them, first of all, of course, this applies to naval weapons. But there are those who have long outlived their former glory. Such are, for example, tanks “Abrams.”

However, the topic of protecting the Kingdom from rocket attacks is too painful and urgent. Therefore, it is necessary to take such systems, which, indeed, will intercept both tactical ballistic missiles and cruise missiles. And if “Patriot” is incapable of it, it is necessary to buy “Shell-C1” or “Shell-C2”. Even if this slightly deteriorate relations with the “world hegemon” — the United States.