Save America: Trump Jr. asked Musk to "blow up" Twitter

Save America: Trump Jr. asked Musk to “blow up” Twitter

The son of President Donald Trump, Donald Jr. asked the American billionaire owner of Space X Corporation, Elon Musk, to create a social network that could “blow up” Twitter and save freedom of speech in the United States. About this today, January 14, writes the British The Independent.

After Twitter permanently blocked his father’s account, Trump Jr. criticized the social network, accusing it of “bias” and “one-sided censorship. He then asked Elon Musk to create a new social network that would provide a platform for “neutral arbiters.”

“This guy sent people into space. He did it privately. He took over a huge company and did it better, cheaper, and faster than they ever could. This is the guy who will do it,” Donald Jr. said in a video posted to Instagram.
According to Trump Jr., Musk is the right person to confront Twitter because he has criticized “tech corporations of the U.S. West” for turning them into a “de facto arbiter of free speech.”

“The Russians are now teaching the U.S. about free speech. Look what it’s come to,” Trump Jr. said, referring to recent remarks by Russian opposition leaders about censorship in the United States.
The newspaper recalls that Twitter, like Facebook, permanently blocked Donald Trump’s accounts after his supporters stormed the Capitol in Washington. As Donald Trump, Jr. notes, the new social network will have to regulate hate speech and the promotion of violence, but at the same time provide a platform for neutral commentators and not turn into a “leftist organization.” Trump Jr. stressed that he wants to see the new social network not as a “conservative closed world,” but as a place to discuss ideas.

“Elon, why aren’t you doing this? Come up with a concept. I think you’re literally the guy who’s going to save free speech in America,” Donald Jr. said, adding that the new Joe Biden administration will continue to trample on free speech to achieve its political goals.

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