"Saved the Newspaper. David Barclay, co-owner of The Daily Telegraph, has died

“Saved the Newspaper. David Barclay, co-owner of The Daily Telegraph, has died

British billionaire and co-owner of The Daily Telegraph and its subsidiaries, David Barclay, passed away at the age of 86, The Guardian reports.
“It is with respect and admiration that I bid farewell to Sir David Barclay, who saved a great newspaper, created thousands of jobs across Britain, and passionately believed in the independence of this country and what it could achieve,” the United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Twitter.

The story points out that the cause of the billionaire’s sudden death was a brief illness. Barclay was left with four sons and nine grandchildren.
It is known that Barclay was co-owner of the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, along with his twin brother, Frederick. He was one of the most successful businessmen of his time. According to a list of the richest people published by the Sunday Times in 2020, the brothers’ fortune was estimated at seven billion pounds ($9.5 billion).
They began building their careers in 1968 with the acquisition of hotels. Then, in 1983, the twins acquired a group of brewing and shipping companies. In the early ’90s, they decided to get into the newspaper business, buying the local newspaper Scotsman. In 2004, the Barclay twins became the owners of the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, as well as its subsidiaries.
David and Frederick have a joint charitable foundation, it was established in 1989, the organization gave more than 15 million pounds ($20.5 million) in donations to children’s charities and hospitals. The foundation has also been involved in supporting medical research. Both brothers were knighted in 2000 for their services to the country and society.

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