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Laptop with a very unusual screen is patented

Scientists have already patented a laptop with a very unusual screen

Laptops have become one of the most popular devices. They combine mobility with most of the features of a full-fledged PC. They are comfortable to use and provide more comfort when working compared to smartphones and tablets. But soon they can become even more comfortable. Microsoft has figured out how to improve the display of laptops and has already received a patent for the invention.

The patent of the American technological giant provides for the introduction of displays that have received the function of automatic adjustment. The direction of the user’s gaze is taken into account. Depending on this angle of view is adjusted so that the user receives an optimal picture quality when changing position with respect to the display. The technology requires no user intervention in the process.

In addition, the capabilities of the system allow you to accurately measure the distance to the user’s eyes, make adjustments based on the data obtained. Undoubtedly, a laptop with such a screen can be potentially interesting. However, it should be understood that the project is still at the stage of a patent. The company has not provided any information on whether it intends to produce laptops using the new technology.

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