Scientists explained why diabetes with COVID-19 is dangerous

Scientists explained why diabetes with COVID-19 is dangerous

Studies have shown that diabetics need to be careful during the current pandemic, as their body is worse cope with the coronavirus, and show the most severe signs of the disease.
French scientists have conducted the first research to study the impact of coronavirus on the category of patients with diabetes from the point of view of forecasts of recovery and mortality. It turned out that every tenth patient with this diagnosis COVID-19 – deadly. This writes the journal Diabetologia. In the study, researchers analyzed data from 1317 patients with diabetes who received treatment from COVID-19 in March 2020. In 89% of the men had diabetes of the second type. Observations showed that after a week, 20% of patients required mechanical ventilation, and 10% died.

The material states that among all treatment admissions of people with diabetes, 65% were men and their average age is 70 years.

“The level of blood sugar probably did not affect patient prognosis, said, scientists. But complications with the presence of diabetes and older age increased mortality,” say scientists.

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It is reported that the study involved not so many patients with diabetes of the first type, however, among them the age of 65 years there have been no fatalities.

“If we estimate only the probability of mortality in men with diabetes it is higher than in women,” commented the authors.

Currently, the team is continuing research and soon plans to publish the results of the study with the participation of nearly 3 thousand patients with diabetes.

Previously, scientists said that patients infected with a new coronavirus-type SARS-CoV-2, for which treatment tools are used against malaria chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, are at increased risk of dying from a virus-induced disease COVID-19.