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Scientists have come up with an inhaler that facilitates the treatment of coronavirus

The Russian company PM&HM has developed and is preparing to market the inhalers for a comprehensive treatment of a wide range of serious diseases, including pneumonia caused by a coronavirus, reported RIA Novosti in the press service of the Russian venture company (RVC).
As explained in RVC, existing inhalers serve the aerosol in the respiratory tract regardless of their patency and respiratory function, so 25-65% or more of the dose of the drug deposited in the upper respiratory tract or the endotracheal tube, without getting into the area of inflammation.

A distinctive feature of the new inhalers is that the aerosol is supplied only immediately before inhalation of the patient, so the drug is not deposited in the respiratory tract and the efficiency of treatment will increase significantly, said the founder of the PM&HM Oleg Abdiyev.
“Secondly, our inhalers can work with different types of medicines used to treat pneumonia, including caused by a virus COVID-19 – drugs, relieves bronchospasm, mucolytics for the discharge of phlegm and antibiotics for antimicrobial therapy”, he added. The cost of these inhalers will be from three thousand rubles. The device is already being tested for state registration. Inhalers will be equipped with state medical institutions, including on compulsory health insurance programs. The testing of the proposed solutions is planned in the pilot regions on the basis of medical institutions.
“The use of this technique is the most important in acute respiratory distress syndrome when lung in response to inflammation is released in a large number of anti-inflammatory proteases and toxic metabolites of oxygen. This leads to damage to the endothelium of capillaries and epithelium of alveoli, and as a result, there is hypoxia. Inhalation this method allows to increase the speed of action of drugs, thereby to increase the effectiveness of therapy”, – quotes the words of RVC Professor, doctor of medical Sciences Vladimir Krasnov.
The Fund support projects NTI has invested in the authorized capital of the company PM&HM 305 million rubles in 2019. The project received support within the framework of the “road map” STI HealthNet.

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