Scientists have completely deciphered the X chromosome!

By | July 16, 2020

At a time when scientists are looking for interesting topics for research, there are so many mysteries hidden in man himself that their disclosure would do the honor of more than one hundred researchers. Man represents the whole Universe, the understanding of which is extremely reluctant to open. However, the light of science is gradually illuminating the twilight of ignorance and the “blank spots” are getting smaller.

Scientists have finally managed to achieve serious success in sequencing the human genome. The final victory is still far away, but another important step towards it has been made – the researchers managed to completely decipher the X chromosome. This is an outstanding scientific event, as it affected at least three million base pairs that have not been previously described by anyone.
X chromosome!
This great work is based on the Human Genome Project. It has been actively developing for 13 years until in 2003 a highly detailed model of the human genome was presented. However, it could not be considered final. Without belittling the merits of the geneticists who worked on it, we must remember that they were able to sequence only 92% of the human genome, achieving an accuracy of 99%. The least studied areas were the zones in the center and ends of chromosomes, the so-called centromeres, and telomeres.

A team of geneticists working in different scientific centers teamed up and were able to jointly sequence 100% of the X chromosome. They had to develop, test in practice, and learn to apply new approaches when long sequences can be deciphered at a time. Their methods will allow in the future to successfully decipher the remaining 23 chromosomes. This will probably happen before the end of 2020. The knowledge gained will allow you to better understand the subtleties of human biology and resist diseases.

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