Scientists have created a “calculator of death” from coronavirus

Scientists have created a

The possibility of a fatal outcome of the disease is calculated according to the parameters of sex, age, and four types of chronic diseases.
Polish scientists have developed a calculator of the probability of death in case of infection with coronavirus, said on Monday, May 11, a representative of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Magdalena Malara-Schvitonskaya
According to her, the program “takes into account the age and gender of the person, as well as information on the four main types of chronic diseases.”
Among the chronic diseases that the calculator takes into account are cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, and oncology.
“The risk of death from COVID very clearly depends on lifestyle and related diseases, including obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and complications. Recent data show that mortality among people without any chronic diseases is less than 1% of fatal cases the outcome of COVID-19, “said Petr Bandosh, MD, the chief developer of the calculator.
During testing, the calculator showed that the risk of dying in case of infection with coronavirus for a man of 30 years without chronic diseases is 0.03%, and for a woman – 0.02%. At the age of 80, the risk for a man with diabetes and oncology is 25.86%, and for a woman of the same age and with the same diseases – 14.03%.
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