Scientists have developed a way to quickly regenerate the skin

egenerate the skin

Scientists from leading scientific centers are looking for ways to quickly regenerate the skin. Such technology would make it possible to heal people who have received severe burns. There are already certain developments, but Russian scientists have achieved real success. In the laboratory of Altai State University, a group of researchers created a biopolymer film that fully meets the set tasks.

The innovative “artificial skin” is a gel that is applied to damaged areas of the skin. Within a short period of time, it is converted into a film, which begins the process of skin regeneration. In this case, the skin is formed with the participation of the victim’s cells – when creating a gel, a small fragment of its biomaterial is used. The composition of the film also includes biopolymers, which provide quick restoration of missing, even significant, skin areas.

The development also contains one more know-how – the gel-skin has a pronounced antimicrobial property. The film fights infections throughout the regeneration process, which makes it possible to reduce or eliminate the use of antibiotics. In some situations, when traditional antibiotics do not work, this may be the only effective solution that can save someone’s life.

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Scientists have found a new way to suppress infections by introducing microparticles of metals into the gel. It turned out to be even more effective than some of the previously used tools. The invention has already received a patent. Scientists are full of plans – experiments on animals will be carried out in 2021. If they are successful, the technology will be tested in humans.