Scientists have found a way to prolong a person’s youth by changing his habits

Scientists have found a way to prolong a person's youth by changing his habits

Researchers have found out what factors influence the acceleration and acceleration of aging processes. Regular exercise, proper nutrition, and periodic medical examinations significantly prolong youth.

Scientists have learned what factors slow down and accelerate the aging of the human body. It turned out that it is possible to prolong youth on their own. How to do this, said the international team of experts who conducted the study.

It is noted that the aging of the body by 20% depends on genetics. However, in addition to good heredity, there are a number of factors. Regular exercise, proper nutrition, periodic medical examinations and the rejection of cigarettes significantly prolong the youth of the body.

At the same time, frequent stresses and consumption of sweets, on the contrary, accelerate the aging process in the body. Scientists recommend replacing confectionery with walnuts, pomegranates, and strawberries. And the most useful product for the prolongation of youth is called chili peppers, according to the scientific article of the publication PNAS.