Scientists have found abnormal changes in the body of patients with COVID

The results of a tomographic study revealed in patients, in particular, pneumatosis and intestinal ischemia.
Specialists have identified abnormal changes in the gastrointestinal tract of people with coronavirus patients, according to a study published in the journal Radiology.
The data of 414 people with COVID-19 were taken into account, while slightly less than a third of computed tomography images revealed a variety of intestinal disorders.
So, pneumonia was discovered in some infected people – a condition in which gases penetrate the thickness of the intestinal wall and form air cysts there. In addition, intestinal ischemia was discovered in several people, as well as cholestasis, a violation of the formation of bile.
The average age of the studied patients is 57 years old; many of them were connected to ventilators.
A previous study showed that in severe patients with coronavirus, the brain is affected.
As you know, coronavirus mainly affects the human lungs, as evidenced by the pathological examination.

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