Scientists have found that Monkeys are not our ancestors

Scientists have found that Monkeys are not our ancestors

What the secret scientists, and why well-known things – is it a myth?

Where did the man and who are Russian? Is it true that Africa is the homeland of all mankind, and the DNA test can tell everything about you?

“MN” decided to rip the veil from these mysteries, and invited an expert with a capital letter – biochemist, doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor, laureate of numerous prizes and founder of the science of DNA genealogy Anatoly Klyosov. His interview sounds a sensation and forever change the familiar to us the picture of the world.

– Anatoly Alekseevich, where did modern man and whether we are related to monkeys? Is it true that we all have a common Motherland – Africa?

– Modern man has quite a long history. Before we could only explore trying to compare the anthropological characteristics of modern primates and humans, without many of the lost items. The word “monkey” Darwin used only once…

– I somewhat amusing to read in the Network expression, somehow, recognized abusive: “he’s a Darwinist, he believes in Darwin’s theory”. Darwin was the greatest scientist who actually wrote that man evolved from apes. And if where you wrote, not the monkey had in mind.

In the book, Darwin’s “Origin of Species”, the word “monkey” is used only once. Quote: “Unfortunately, we have not yet found the skeletal remnants of an ancient monkey”. All. Where is the origin of man from apes?

People not reading and not knowing the material, they start to gossip. Of course, like any other theory, it has things unsolved, questions that have no answer. But Darwin clearly traced the evolutionary line of the appearance of man it most certainly is.

To answer your question: the man appeared in the course of a long evolutionary development, which went through the chain of common ancestors of ancient apes and humans for millions of years.

– Africa, Africa… We are well fed!

– 1.9 million years ago the first Homo erectus, which means “Homo erectus”. Then there was another side branch, for example, the Neanderthals.

Hazy between 100 and 250 thousand years ago, gradually evolved Homo sapiens – Homo sapiens, which has no archaic features. Where he came from, no one can say. The fact that he appeared in Africa – a misconception that is actively enforced for 20 years.

All claim that our ancestors came from Africa, and I know that they will not come out because we have no African mutations. Much more scientific to assume that there was a common ancestor that lived outside of Africa. It was spun off a group that went to Africa and therefor many thousands of years acquired dark skin. This is a separate branch of the Africans, and we went outside of Africa. But the African theory is so ingrained in the brain of each that any passerby on the street will tell you the origin of mankind.

Any anthropologist knows that, in Africa, were not Neanderthals. And he is the brother of modern man. Just 300-400 thousand years ago they broke up. It turns out that the Neanderthals in Africa was not, why there should be a close relative – a modern man!

– Still, it is possible theoretically to assume, where is our home?

– Isaac Newton said: “do not invent Hypotheses”. This means that when there is no data to invent nothing. Although some data are still there, they disputed against each other.

For example, in China, found the bones of “anatomically modern human” (Homo sapiens), which date from 80-120 thousand years ago. And supporters of the African theory argue that the man from Africa came about 70 thousand years ago. So where it had come from in China?

In addition, these 70 thousand years in the African theory is taken completely from the ceiling. One source say 70 thousand, in the other – 80, third 100, fourth – 50. No specifics there and it’s clear why: absolutely nobody this figure is not substantiated, it is taken from the ceiling. And that is the tragedy of modern science: everyone says “by the rules”, especially in the Humanities. In the natural Sciences, of course, need to present evidence.

In science, there is your ambition: if you say the same thing I said to the other, you’re not going to claim any scientific awards, because you didn’t say something new. It is imperative for your number to come up – that’s all come up with.

For a normal person, it’s a strange practice, which leads to the fact that people came from Africa from 40 to 200 thousand years ago. And none of these figures, I repeat, is not justified. The nightmare of modern science, unfortunately, continues.

– Another thing is that women, unlike men, are constantly moving from place to place and their history more difficult to trace. Men – they like the stumps, they sit tight in one place, as women marry and move to their husband, for example, in another village, town, city.

Women spin the carousel genetics, and as from a stone thrown into a pond, the circles diverge, as from a woman at odds with her mitochondrial DNA over a vast territory. Mitochondrial DNA is female DNA that is passed from mother to daughter. It turns out that the mitochondrial DNA of women in France is the same as in Russia or in the Netherlands. There are different opinions, there are different natural-scientific school. The first Russian academicians had German and Dutch origin, so the science they do under the influence of Western scientific schools. They decided that the history of the ancient Slavs and specifically Russian begins approximately in the VIII, IX and X century ad.

It turns out that when we talk about the ancient Japanese, we are talking about 10 thousand years ago, when we talk about ancient native Americans, we mean 12-13 thousand years ago. And the ancient Russian was not. In my opinion, is Russophobia, which was rooted even 200-300 years ago, and it continues because of no clear definition no Russian.

Some say that the Russian went when for the first time in ancient annals of the word “Rus” or “ROS”. What do these ruses be not mom and dad? Turns out, it is conditional and limited. And before that did not have written and, before that, Russ was not there? For example, the ancient Aryans were non-literate, maybe they each other called the Russian – we didn’t know about it!

Back to the question about the origin of Russian or Slavic. I have to say, Russians are part of the Slavs, they are inseparable from each other. Slavs are people who speak languages of the Slavic group: Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Belarusian. That’s when they formed? The Germans came up with that in the VIII-X century, and I will say this: the definition of time frames could help in linguistics. Not always, but sometimes it helps.

There are stolowicki packs of 100 basic words that are frequently used in the language. These are the words “mom” and “dad,” “heaven, “grass”, “sun”. These 100 words in Russian famous linguist Starostin compared with 100 words from the Indian language and found a coincidence of 54%. A lot of words from Sanskrit and Russian are similar, for example, the word “daughter in law” there means the same thing. (For reference. The ancient Indian language originates from 4500 to 6000 years ago. From it are the roots of the modern Russian and other Slavic languages – is also very ancient.) And how can it be that the Russian language is rooted back thousands of years, and the Russian people have appeared recently by the standards of history – 1100-1500 years ago? So works Humanities: there conclusions, because it is considered to be.

On the basis of the conclusions of DNA genealogy, I come to the question of the final arrangement is addressed to historians and linguists. My goal is to point them in the incoming parameters and they show that the Russian language derives from the ancient language, which is now called Proto-Indo-European, which broke up about 6,000 years ago, eventually became Russian on the Russian plain, continuously developing from 5000 years ago up to the present time, 3,500 years ago was the old Indian and continued to develop in the languages of Hindi and Bengali in the Indian subcontinent too far.

At any “moment” from this period of time can agree: here there we begin to consider Russian, from the Slavs. It can be any time from 5000 years ago to 1500 years if for some reason 1500 years better than 2000 or 3000 years ago, but I doubt it. If they claim that the better it will be for political reasons, not scientific.

Often you referred to DNA tests – what it is and you deserve the faith? Whether the truth, what is possible with an accuracy of a percent to establish the origin of their ancestors?

– No, this is not true. They who “sets” really are ready to tell you much, but it’s not the truth. I will give you a sophisticated academic term is “Scam”. Scam – that’s what happens in this area.

I don’t think I need to explain that if there is a lot of money, then there, like flies to a honey flock of different companies, different enterprising people, who develop the money to do so. I can recommend only a few companies in the world, which can be accessed for this study, and it is not “it”, and scientific. There are very few.

The interest of nationality – this is a Scam. The person who is associated with this field understands that it is impossible in most cases. How did they work for the company?

– In the world, there is a large collection of genomes of different people. Different people of the same nationality are the DNA samples are averaged and referred to as, for example, the Russian genome. Of course, that is averaged, not quite true.

For example, only 51% of Russians added to the haplogroup R1a, which refers to the ancient East Slavic peoples. About 14% of the Russian people – the descendants of those who came from Southeast Asia to the Altai and Ural. Yes, they speak Russian, but they belong to a different haplogroup. For example, the descendants of the writer Ivan Bunin learned that they – Urals origin. And then there is the third group of Russians, the southern Slavs (12%), whose ancestors PR

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