Scientists have learned to turn water into a strong antiseptic

By | May 18, 2020
Scientists have learned to turn water into a strong antiseptic

The epidemic of coronavirus has not only revealed the unwillingness of medicine to respond effectively but the lack of important tools of prevention. In particular, currently in circulation antiseptics are quite expensive, making them inaccessible. In addition, a portion of the funds should be used with caution – they can be dangerous.

Scientists working on this problem found a method of obtaining a strong antiseptic from… water. The resulting material when that is completely safe for humans and nature, capable of killing most microorganisms, including coronaviruses. Given the current situation, it is a timely response to the call, which caused people around the world to sit on a multi-week quarantine.

I wonder how this technology works? The researchers involved in it nanometer electrodes with unique surface properties. The moment of contact with water, it forms an antiseptic. The developed platform enables the preparation of different concentration solutions are designed for decontamination of exposed areas of the skin and disinfect different surfaces.

In addition, the electrodes can be produced in different types and can be used in such devices as air conditioners, washing machines, and air purifiers. The pre-cooked and bottled antiseptic solution retains its properties for at least 2 months, making it suitable for long term storage.

Scientists from Bar-Ilan University has received a patent for the development, and she was already checked in a specialized laboratory. Studies have confirmed the claimed antiseptic properties, the technology is considered wealthy. Now remains the case only for mass implementation, which could begin soon.

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