Scientists have named the date of the death of the Earth and all life on it!

Scientists have named the date of the death of the Earth and all life on it!

The universe and everything in it develops exclusively cyclically. Accordingly, all phenomena have their beginning and their end. Modern knowledge about the structure of the Universe, collected by man throughout its history, is enough to predict what will happen to our planet. She will inevitably die. It’s hard to believe in it – from space, it looks like a blue planet full of life. Nevertheless, scientists are confident that within 7 billion years, planet Earth will completely disappear.

What should happen will happen. Our Sun, like many other stars, will begin to heat up until it becomes a “red giant.” The sun will increase in size so much that it will swallow our planet. This process is irreversible. People need to come to terms with this. However, this does not exclude the possibility of searching for a “new home” for humanity outside the solar system.

Further research by scientists concerned predicting the habitability of the planet. They were carried out by creating detailed models that take into account the influence of the Sun on the course of geochemical cycles such as oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur, and carbon. They believe that within 500,000,000 years, there will be no plants left on Earth capable of producing oxygen. In this case, the temperature will reach 300 kelvin (573 degrees Celsius).

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Subsequent events will be accompanied by a further increase in temperature on the planet. The established high temperature will leave only microorganisms alive that have managed to adapt to such extreme living conditions for living beings. Simulation studies suggest that life will disappear in 1.5 billion years. Then the planet will turn into a desert covered with hot sand and rocks.