Scientists invent technology to destroy coronavirus with radiation

Scientists invent technology to destroy coronavirus with radiation

Scientists from Russia and Uzbekistan have found that weak doses of radiation can destroy the coronavirus, the press service of Ural Federal University (UrFU) reported.

Anatoly Zatsepin, professor at the Ural Federal University and head of the research laboratory “Physics of Functional Materials of Carbon Micro- and Optoelectronics,” explained that the RNA molecule of the coronavirus, when it enters the human cell, is forced to deform strongly in many areas along its entire length.

“It turned out that the deformed sites along the RNA molecule were a thousand times more sensitive to radiation exposure than those of healthy cells. From this it followed that small doses of radiation, which would be devastating to the virus, would be perfectly safe for healthy cells,” the scientist noted.

The group of scientists is also developing a methodology for treating coronavirus with radiation. Zatsepin emphasized that coronavirus mutations do not affect the effectiveness of radiation exposure. “This method is designed not only for Covid-19 viruses but also for other viruses, in particular for its mutations. As physicists, we develop and analyze the mechanisms of radiation exposure at the micro-level, while biologists and medics help us understand how it affects the human body as a whole,” the scientist said.

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