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Scientists Named New Cause of Dinosaur Extinction

Scientists at the University of Connecticut in the United States found that the collision of an asteroid with the Earth, which led to the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction 66 million years ago, caused a long blockage of sunlight, which caused the extinction of dinosaurs. This was reported in a press release on
Researchers have modeled the contribution of emissions of sulfur, dust, and soot from a blow from a celestial body to global climate change. The results showed that the cold was severe, but not enough for mass extinction. However, soot emissions due to extensive forest fires could make the sky almost impervious to sunlight and stop photosynthesis for more than a year. Thus, the food supply of the herbivore lizards was severely undermined and the food chains were broken.

The results of the work help to understand what will happen as a result of a nuclear winter caused by a large-scale war using nuclear weapons.
The fall of the asteroid Chiksulub lifted a hot cloud of molten hard rock into the upper atmosphere of the Earth, which caused global forest fires during the fall. As a result, the combustion products created a dust cloud that blocked sunlight and lowered the average temperature.

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