Scientists predict disaster in Earth’s atmosphere

Scientists predict disaster in Earth's atmosphere

Earth’s atmosphere will lose all free oxygen in the future. This conclusion was reached by Kazumi Ozaki, a Japanese scientist from Toho University, and his American colleague Christopher Reinhardt from the Georgia Institute of Technology. The study was published in the journal Nature Geoscience.
Specialists have modeled the evolution of our planet’s atmosphere, taking into account geological, biological and climatic factors. As a result, they found that the Earth’s atmosphere will remain relatively stable for about a billion years, and after a few thousand years it will become virtually oxygen-free.

According to scientists, the cause of the catastrophe will be the increased activity of the Sun, due to which the atmosphere will decrease the content of carbon dioxide. When this indicator reaches a critical point, photosynthesis on the planet will be disrupted and oxygen will stop flowing into the atmosphere.
“The biosphere will not have time to adapt to such significant environmental changes. The world of primitive anaerobic microbes, which today lurks in the shadows, will take over again,” the scientists concluded.

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