Scientists predict the death of thousands of people in the U.S.

Experts at Imperial College London, as well as Columbia University and Harvard University, have warned that global warming can cause an increase in mortality among the world’s population.

As stated in the release on EurekAlert!, in the United States alone, this can lead to 2,100 new deaths each year.

Thus, an increase in temperature by two degrees can lead to the fact that people will be more likely to die as a result of accidental accidents, such as falls from height, drownings, and car accidents. In addition, the death toll will increase due to violence and suicide.

As it turned out, this can lead to an increase in air temperature. The scientists established this after a study examined the number of deaths from injuries in each state and county of the U.S. mainland. The exceptions were Hawaii and Alaska. The study involved a period from 1980 to 2017. However, experts monitored changes in air temperature over a 38-year period.

As it turned out, mortality is affected by the fact that because of the heat people are more likely to go out, and this increases the likelihood of accidents. And the heat contributes to the exacerbation of mental disorders. Also, high air temperature can lead to the consumption of more alcohol.

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