Scientists warn of viruses from Mars

Scientists warn of viruses from Mars

Experts insist that astronauts will need to be quarantined in the future after returning from Mars, similar to how astronauts who first set foot on the moon did it.
Scott Hubbard, a professor at Stanford University, believes that new viruses can get from Earth to Mars on Earth. On this, on Saturday, May 9, reports the Daily Mail.

According to the scientist, it is necessary to develop certain protocols that would not allow viruses from another planet to get to Earth from the soil, spaceships, as well as from the astronauts themselves.

“All systems must undergo a series of chemical cleanings as well as heat sterilization, while the sample tubes must be handled as if they were with the Ebola virus,” said Hubbard.

At the same time, the professor noted that the probability of introducing viruses with stones picked up from the surface of Mars is “extremely small.”

It is known that NASA plans to send people to Mars around 2035.

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