Scottish drivers can tap into the power of the Atlantic Ocean

Scottish drivers can tap into the power of the Atlantic Ocean

Nova Innovation has invented an electric car charging station that draws energy from the power of waves at high tide. The first station has already been installed on the Scottish island of Yell.

The four-turbine Nova Innovation Shetland Tidal Array, which converts waves into energy, is located between the islands of Yell and Unst. The European Ocean Energy Association is confident that such a source for electric cars has great potential, especially in countries that have a coastline with the sea or the ocean.

The charging station was installed thanks to a grant from the Scottish National Transport Agency. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to replace all gasoline-powered vehicles with environmentally-friendly electric cars.

But in Helsinki, a project has been developed that will allow receiving heat from artificial battery islands.

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Battery Islands in Helsinki
Finland recently hosted the Helsinki Energy Challenge to find new alternative energy projects. One of the winners was The Hot Heart project – it proposed making an archipelago of ten artificial islands that will become a source of thermal energy.

The islands will collect energy from light, water, and other sources and store it inside. In other words, the islands will become “tanks” of energy. The heat from the islands will keep Helsinki warm. This energy source is expected to be both greener and cheaper.