SDF GRU special forces engaged in battle with U.S. troops in Syria

Unexpected evidence of a possible clash between Russian and American troops in Syria was published by German Middle East journalist Martin Sabel. He posted a photo on Twitter of a suspected Russian soldier posing in the background of a shot American Humvee armored vehicle.

Officials of the Russian Defense Ministry and the United States did not comment on the incident, but the journalist who published the photo conducted an independent investigation.

The fact that the photo is actually depicted by a fighter of some SDF unit has already been confirmed. One of the main arguments here was the tuned AK-105 assault rifle, an unpopular weapon in the Middle East that is used almost exclusively by Russian special forces. visible on his door, identical to those of other U.S. contingent vehicles in Syria. Especially those that operated in the area of Syrian Kurdistan. Judging by the damage that can be seen on it, this “Hamvi” was first shot with a light weapon (bullet holes in the glass), and then was blown up by either a high-explosive or a rocket-propelled grenade launcher (destroyed front of the car). All this, according to the German journalist, indicates that the car was attacked from an ambush.

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Earlier, the media repeatedly reported about “friction” between Russian and American troops operating in Syria close to each other.